Mannual of the World Cups in English


To facilitate learning and understanding of the World, I have written this manual for players commented inserting images that insurance will help you to understand the classifications shown tables.

Know that the tables you see when selecting a theme of World Cup are contained in books excell and in an open book, may have several different tables to be watched. See Figure 1.

Moreover, some of the data presented in the tables contain additional information to help you understand the information in these tables. See Figure 2.

Step to talk to you about the different tables you can find in the World Cup.


Tables World Cup - Phase 1


Table: All Participating Clans

Show all clans who have participated throughout the year in the World Cup, to see rankings for a particular clan just have to click the mouse in the desired field in the table called "Standings".

At the head of this table have information about the number of players who get direct place within each clan to play Phase 2 of World Cup and, on the other hand, the number of players that have to be classified based on the best rates from all players from each clan to these places.

It also tells you, among other things, how to be distributed League groups for Phase 2 of the World Cup.


Table: Classification of Clans

There will be a book for every clan who participated in the World Cup. Displays statistics for all players within the clan, consisting of several tables: M0 (general classification of the year), M1 (classification of January), M2 (Classification of February), etc ...

In them you will see the winning percentages of all players, the average level of the players who have faced each player's clan, the percentage of games played of each player, and the percentage who asks each player to be active within the clan ... the active players appear inactive separated by a thick dashed line.

Tables: Qualified Players & Pending Qualified Players

A book with 2 tables, the players who are classified directly in each clan and players who are fighting among all the clans to get one of the places to enter in the Phase 2 of the World Cup.


Table: Best Player Month / Year

It is a book with multiple tables to match the rankings of the clans, only this time shows the ranking of all players regardless of clan in which they played. We may well see, the best player of the month (tables M1, M2, M3, ..., M12) and the best player of the year in Phase 1 of the World Cup (M0 table)


Tables World Cup - Phase 2


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I hope the information in this manual has been helpful to you ...