Single World Cup - General Rules



Annually, a World Cup among all registered players will be played wop. The World Cup, just like a football World Cup will be played in 2 phases, a first sorting throughout the year and a final phase, to be accessed by all players who earned their classification in the first phase.

Phase 1 will be the end result of all cw's played between clans wop throughout the year, of which all individual statistics for each of the players who participated in them will be obtained. This means that all registered players in wop will play World Cup.

Phase 2 will be played by the best players throughout the entire year of each clan. This phase will take you between 20% to 60% of the players ranked equally among all clans (the number of players we will be looking for to qualifying you just have into the table “Participating Clans”), and will be distributed according to its latest score wop (obtained in the last participation in a cw), among several groups of independent league to play against each other in each group. Finally, the best players from each group will qualify to play in the final league between them and the final result will give the winner of the World Cup. In this final league players ranked in the same group will not turn to face, respecting the result obtained in the league of groups between those players.

All leagues Phase 2 will be played at 5 wins and players have a period of time to play all their games, there being no need to respect the order of the rounds in the pairings. The winner of each match will be responsible for communicating the results to the administrator, which facilitate the communication channels for it to players.

At the end of the World Cup, all players who have accessed to the Final League will be included in the Hall of Fame, where the history of the top players who have participated in differents World Cups played recorded. A player will only be deleted from the Hall of Fame when carrying at least two years without playing cw's.



1) Rules Players

Throughout the year, a player can change his nick and clan as often as desired without communicating this fact to the administration. And yes, you should know that just may qualify for Phase 2 of the World Cup based on their results in the clan which has played more games over the whole year, ie its statistics are not taken into account in other clans in which you participated.

Similarly, for a player to qualify for Phase 2 of the World Cup, in addition to being among the best of his clan, that player must be active within their clan, ie, must have played the proportional part that corresponds play the total number of games played by his clan.

The classification of a player within your clan will be determined by his winning percentage in games played by the player cw's within their clan, and yes, that percentage will be weighted according to the score wop players from other clans against that he has touched play and the mean score wop games played throughout his clan.

Also, the administration will at all times be available to all players all its statistics and its annual ranking within the clan so that each player can always see your progress within the clan throughout Phase 1 of the World Cup.



2) Rules of the Clans

For a clan can bring players to the World Cup Phase 2, it should be active throughout Phase 1. For this, the clan must play at least a minimun number of cw's throughout the year. Otherwise, it can not bring any player at this stage will not be considered. This number you just have into the table “Participating Clans”.



3) Scoring Rules leagues in Phase 2

Detailed here.


4) Players Invited to Phase 2 of the World

Management also reserves the right to invite Phase 2 of the World Cup a few players who have done enough to play it even without obtaining the direct place, for his career in Phase 1. To this must be the fact that there is a free spot in 1 or more groups League group stage. Requests to enter this way be considered and the merits acquired for their games played in the 1st phase will be valued. The maximum number of invited players will be around 5% of all players qualified for Phase 2 of the World Cup.

5) Laws of the Game

Those listed in wop.