Leagues Rules


1) Leagues scoring rules


There are 2 types of league: for players or for clans.


Ligas between players: Internal clan leagues & Single World Cups

The league will indicate the number of games to be won in each match, and the winner is responsible for communicating the results of the match to the administration through the established channels. It will not be necessary to respect the order of the pairings, being able to play the games in random order.

The winner of a match will be given 1 point and the loser 0 points.


Leagues between clans or nations: Nations World Cups, Nations Euro Cups & Clans World Cups

There is no limit on the number of games to be won, which may be the case if there are draws. The results will be captured from the web page of wop. 2 clans can play as many times as they want in the period the league is being played, but only the first game will be taken into account for the league.

The winning clan will get 2 points in the standings. If they tie, they will deal 1 point each clan. In addition, the clan that gains more frames will get 1 extra point, that is, you can get a maximum of 3 points for each confrontation.


If at the end of the period to play the league a player/clan finishes inactive (see the rules of section 2) will lose all points obtained and will have 0 points, thus occupying the last positions of the league.

When we have 2 or more players/clans tied to points in the general league classification, the following tiebreaker rules will be taken into account:



1.1) Rules tiebreaker

First, the Standardization Rules (detailed in section 1.2) will apply to each group of players/clans tied to points in the general. If, after applying these rules, they are still tied within the group 2 or more players/clans, those whose percentage of frames won in the league total will be higher (games played against disabled players/clans will be taken into account). If there are still draws within the group of players/clans, there will be the one with the highest score in the league at that time. Finally, if there are still draws, the player/clan whose score at the start of the league was the highest will remain.

Important note: Players/clans, at the beginning of the league, will start with an initial score that will correspond to the score they have in wop after their last cw played (unless it is a Clan's internal League, the initial score that players have within the Clan). But once they start playing their games in the leagues, their initial score will increase or decrease as they win or lose matches in the different leagues. The internal scoring system of the leagues is identical to that used in wop but will not affect their score in wop, since the games played in the leagues will not be counted in wop.


1.2) Standardization Rules

For this concept, tie-break points will be awarded for tied players/clans to points in the general classification of the leagues based on the following 2 sections:

a) Mini-League: The partial results obtained in the league between the players/clans tied to points in the general will be extracted, giving them the points as detailed in section 1. To that score will also be added the fraction of points corresponding to their percentage of frames won in the games played within the group of players/clans tied to points.

b) Closure of Top High (CTA): If, for example, a player/clan has CTA = 5, mean that the player/clany has played against the top 5 players/clans in the league standings, but against the 6th place did not play. Thus, although the player/clan had played against the 7th ranked player/clan in the league the CTA continue being worth 5 equally, since not play against the 6th.

Thus, if a player in a single league has a CTA = 10 get 1 extra point tiebreaker for each player within your CTA against who have not played the other players tied on points overall. In the case that it is a league of clans or nations, there will be 3 extra tie-break points which will be awarded instead of 1.

In case all players/clans have played all the games of the league, the CTA will be the same for them and, therefore, no breakpoints are obtained for this item. The CTA is designed to reward the most combative players/clans, ie those who played against top-ranked players/clans in the league.


2) Rules deactivation of players/clans

First invariably will be disabled those players/clans where are totally inactive, ie those who have not played at least 50% of their games.

Once disabled them, not being taken into account such players/clans, the other players/clans will be modified its share percentage in the league, usually upward, therefore, we will apply a final filter of inactivity disabling the other players/clans do not have to least 75% of league played after deactivating the previous players/clans.

After applying the rules deactivation of players/clans, those who have been active, lose the points gained in the overall standings in the league against the disabled players/clans, since it will be as if they had not participated in the league.

Final note: If deactivating a player/clan will affect the final classification of 2 or more players/clans who played against him/her, their games will be partially activated for those players/clans, resulting in those players/Clan off will be considered for them (as long as it does not affect the ranking of other players/clans that have not played against that player/clan).